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One late night on Bowery after stumbling out a bar with friends I came across Sushi on Jones stall at The Bowery Market. Once I saw the menu I immediately tried to grab a seat but as we were preparing to order the host informed us we need to make reservations. I was totally crushed because I already locked in on the “Wayu-ni Handroll” being prepared for one of the guest that actually made reservations. With uni on the brain a setup reservations for the weekend. The setup is just like the sushi stalls you’ll find in the subways in Japan. Sushi on Jones is NYC’s first and only open air sushi restaurant so it’s pretty dope the brought that style to Bowery. Once you get there the clock starts. Literally.  You only get 30 minutes to crow down 12 pieces(and it goes fast) so don’t spend too much time flicking for “The Gram”. Some of my favorite pieces were the scallop with charcoal salt, “Wayu-ni Handroll and the amazing “Three Stooges”. The “Three Stooges” is a half shelled oyster filled with uni(sea urchin) and iruka(salmon roe).

348 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

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