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Shmackwich Is Uping The Chopped Cheese Game!

NYC is one of those places that finds a way to put its own swag on everything it touches. From our vocabulary to our clothes and most importantly our food. 

When we get a hold of anything we transform it into something else. The story of the chopped cheese sandwich is no different. Now, like with all great food tales, there are many different stories about the origin of chopped cheese. But my research and belly have always led me back to the infamous Hajji’s Deli on the corner of 110th street and 1st Ave in Harlem. Some people might disagree, but no matter where it was created everybody seems to agree on why it was created. An adaptation of the beloved Philly cheesesteak, the chopped cheese is an alternative which replaced the more expensive ribeye steak with the much cheaper ground beef. -Making it the perfect sandwich on those days when you want to eat good but you’re on a tight budget. In recent years this “hood” classic that was once known for its low price point has transcended past the confines of the local bodega counter and into the mainstream limelight with all the other sandwich royalty.

But in true NY fashion three friends from Brooklyn – Sibwavus, Midi, Jordan – decided we needed a sandwich that not only for those days when you were down on a budget. But also for those days when “we up”. And what says “we up” these days more than wagyu beef.

“We put in that work. We kept grinding. Kept our heads down. And by the time we checked the scoreboards we was up- Midi”

Since the Roberta’s event Shmackwich has done collabs with a bunch of high profile brands like Supreme, 7th street burger, Soundcloud, Grub Street, Tom Sachs and the list goes on. Business has been so good for the Brooklyn boys they’ve found a permanent location at NYC’s newest food hall, Olly Olly Market located in Hudon Yards (map below). With the new spot in full swing, Shmackwich plans on expanding their menu which currently offers their signature chop in two sizes : the “small boy chop”($15) and the “big boy chop”($25). In my option go for the big boy chop. It costs a little more but lets be serious, a decent bacon egg and cheese anywhere in Chelsea will run close to $15 anyhow. Shmackwich is open from 12pm-until they sell out. Just make sure you get there early cause they do sellout. And don’t forget to tell them Nashish sent ya!

601 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001
(312) 545-7850

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