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Thailand’s Center Point is more than just Pad Thai

Queens always delivers the best foods from around the world at the best prices. Thailand’s Center Point, a small family restaurant in Woodside Queens, is no exception. Lead by owner and chef Annie Phinphantthakul, they have become a neighborhood favorite among established residents as well as newcomers.

I’ve eaten there quite a few times and every time I explore their vast menu I realize how much of Thai cuisine I know nothing about. 

My last visit to TCP turned me on to the green curry egg omelette. I could literally eat this all day. The dish features, a fluffy omelette in a tasty green curry sauce with jumbo shrimp. 

Another dish I love is their delicious crispy green papaya salad. A heaping plate of shredded green papaya, battered and fried, tossed with fish sauce, cilantro and an assortment of seafood and vegetables. But if you’re craving something other than seafood, their spicy noodles with Lao sausage or roast duck over rice are also great choices. 

Thailand’s Center Point has an array of dishes for carnivores and herbivores alike. For vegetarians, the vegetable delight and popcorn tofu with certainly leave you happy. 

It’s safe to say whatever you order at Thailand Center Point is going to be good. 

Crispy papaya salad with shrimp squid and veggies.
Steamed egg topped with green curry and shrimp.
Crispy chili fried rice.
Mirror pork.
Spicy Lao sausage noodles.
Tofu popcorn.

Thailand’s Center Point
6319 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11377
(718) 651-6888

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