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Smorgasburg hits Wynwood

Wynwood in Miami has become one of my favorite destinations over the past few years.

I mean what’s not to like: beautiful weather, eclectic street art, awesome nightlife and a lot of great restaurants. The traffic can get pretty crazy, but that’s what walking shoes are made for. Now, with the addition of Smorgasburg Miami, you’ve got everything you could possibly need to have a great time – all within a few blocks. 

I’m no stranger to the Smorgasburg scene. Since it’s earliest days in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this food feast has become one of my go to hangouts, not only to stuff my face, but to also meet up and coming chefs who are testing out new dishes before they fully invest in a restaurant or food truck. Whether we’re talking about NYC or LA, many great chefs have found their footing at Smorgasburg. So I expected nothing but the best.

I made sure to get there early to bypass the huge crowds. But by time I got there it was already packed. I started my food journey, stopping at Mao Boas first. I’m very familiar with given their main hub is in NY. This turned out to be a great ideas because their colorful assorted dumplings helped me soak up all the drinks I indulged in the night before.

From there I paid a to as many vendors as I could. And trust me there’s a lot. From the delicious jerk chicken and island vibes at Jrk! to the vegan menu at Coney Burger. Each bite was better than the last and I ate until I was too full to stand up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring back any food for you guys. But I did bring back a bunch great photos. Use these to make a list of your favorite munchies before you make you way over to the next Smorgasburg. 

Brisket, baked beans and a side of pickles at Drinking Pig BBQ.
Mouth water brisket sliced up.
Cheesy mac n cheese
Pink moon oysters at The Lazy Oyster.
Chargrilled oysters.
The Lazy Oysters team shucking.
Eddie of Mao’s Bao pan frying beef bao; Each color represents a different filling.
Customer adding condiments to bao.
Mao’s Bao is by far one of the busiest vendors at Smorgasburg.
Jerk chicken at Jrk! getting a Red Stripe shower.
Hanging with the Jrk! staff was a lot of fun
So many delicious options at Jrk!
Owners of Jrk!
Plant-based Coney Burger; Spicy vegan chicken sandwich
I didn’t know vegan Mac n cheese could be this good.
Chefs Pedro and Vanessa of Coney Burger.
Frita dumplings at Hou Mei
Hou Mei’s amazing Bulgogi Pepito
King Patty’s
Buttery flakey crust with spicy beef filling.
Emapandas at Fusion Fuego are sliced open and filled with different toppings.
The “Taconadas”
Birria empanada served with a side of consume.
Team Fusion Fuego!
Isabel’s steady flow of customers.
“Vegan Chikn” sandwiches made with oyster mushrooms.
Family love at Isabel’s.
Time for dessert at Pink Love Donuts
I know the feeling I couldn’t decide either
Beautiful day to share some eats at Smorgasburg Miami

Smorgasburg Miami
2600 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

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