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INTERVIEW: Pugsley’s Pizza with B.I.C

Pugley’s Pizza is small low key pizzeria on the Fordham University campus. It’s the type of place you’d only know about if you lived in the area or someone brought you there. For the most part it’s a place where students can grab a quick bite to eat in between classes but word is it gets poppin on the weekends. We were greeted by Saul the owner of Pugsley’s who noticed me taking photos of B.I.C and wondered if they were a band. Later Saul would bless us with some bars of his own, which were surprisingly dope. After knocking down a couple pies and draft beers we headed to the patio to discuss their latest  EP, food and weed.



For the people that aren’t familiar with B.I.C tell us who you are.

Yesus: We are B.I.C! BITCHES IS CRAZY. We’re a rap group from the BX. We’re racially ambiguous. We love women, positive energy and feminine massages.

Pete: And DRUGS!!

Pete: And my name is Pete aka Lil Sad holla at ya boy.

Who’s hood is this?

Pete: Kinda Johnathan’s.

Yesus: Yea we’re closest to my hood But Fordham is kinda like everyone’s hood in the Bronx.

Pete: Fordham is like the Union Square of the Bronx.

IZZY: That’s so facts!

What restaurant are we at?

Yesus: We’re at Pugley’s pizza. It’s a super low key spot. By Fordham University It’s open extra late. Google Pugsley’s pizza!

Pete: Beers and pies! I’ve never been to college but I come here all the time. It’s like going to college.

IZZY: You gotta put the pepper sauce on you slice.

Pete: Make sure you respect Saul.


 A lot of shit has been going on in the BX. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on a late night bodega run?

Yesus: We would get clapped together and fall asleep at the same crib. So we woke up hungry and we could either spend our money on weed or buy food. We went to fine fare. It’s winter time so we’re stuffing Italian bread, bacon, pancake mix in our big ass jackets and up our sleeves. Everything you need to make an ill breakfast. On the way out IZZY gets caught. He ended up having to take the supermarket picture with all the stuff he stole.

Oh you had to take the supermarket picture? Those photos were so sick back in the day.

IZZY: Yo my moms goes there I wildout. [laughing]

Yesus: That should be your solo album cover.

How was SXSW this year? 

Pete: SXSW was nuts

IZZY: I always have fun in the south. Atlanta, Texas, Florida…

Illspills: Everybody’s way more pleasant nobody’s in is in a rush. It’s a different vibe. Up here people live fast so it like f*ck everybody else. SXSW is fun just because the food is fucking amazing.

Yesus: Word a ate a bag of Fritos filled with chilli and cheese and jalapeño peppers.

Illspills: That’s crazy that someone’s selling that cause it’s just skated food I use to make those at 7eleven. Get you Fritos and sneak over to the chili and cheese.

 Where did you guys perform this year?

Illspills: We did House of Vans with Smoke DZA at the Mohawk.

I always see you guys bbq on IG. Who’s usually the chef? 

Yesus: Everybody cooks but ills and Lenny are the BBQ experts.

Illspills: I’m pretty good! But everybody helps.

Yesus: ill’s is the grill guy he’s the only one brave enough to stand over the grill the whole time We’re out here though we got the meathermometer. We not eating sh*t well done over here. Pause!


Tell me about the new EP?

IZZY: It’s a greenhouse it’s what we live in.

Pete: It’s what we are!

Yesus: We’ve transitioned into green season from RED season. Green is just what it sounds like what it feels like. Getting your money up and feeling good. Winning!

IZZY: And growth!!

Pete: This project is us! We’ve been working on our own sound for awhile and this project shows how much we have grown.

IZZY: With most of our project we just do whatever the f*ck we want because that’s what you should do as an artist. With this one not that we did it to please people but its so digestible. And usually we’re really not that digestible. I guess cause we rap really good. But this is more digestible than the ones in the past.

Did you approach this EP differently from the past?

IZZY: Building the project not necessarily making the music.

Illspills: These were all songs that we had sitting or worked on. Some of these songs got started or maybe close to finished like a year ago and they were all like joints that we held on for something special. But I don’t think it was as technical as much as it was which are the strongest joints. And that’s a usual BIC thing we kinda just do and it ends up working out.

IZZY: We had like 20-30 more but these were the joints that felt good

Yesus: It’s just organic. It keeps growing with in itself. We might do something different but it’s not because we’re purposely doing it. It’s like we’re just into that now.

IZZY: People grown people change and we’re just like everyone else. And luckily it’s a good change.

Ricky Ricardo seems to be the crowd favorite. Where did that track come from?

Yesus: IZZY got a text from Brandon that he just sent us beats. So we were listening to them an IZZY says he had an idea for a song a loving Lucy(acid) like Ricky Ricardo. So I was like that’s a really cool concept the we can do a lot with that you feel me? So we started messing with ideas.

IZZY: The first line was my hoes white and black like Ricky Ricardo

Yesus: Someone will come up with the ill concept for a song and when everybody agrees on it and we all come together and we get to the studio everybody has the crazy verse ready. It just brings the song together on a whole new level. I love ill’s verse personally that’s probably like my favorite verse on there. But when we put that on it brought the song full circle. It’s I’ll to come up with an idea and have someone finish it.

Pete: Performing that song is fun our key performance footage is dope as hell best of that song.

IZZY: We watched a bunch of I Love Lucy on net flicks. but that’s not everyone’s favorite even though some people love it. The person who made the beat Brandon has been doing tracks with yachty, and bieber. He did “bitch you guessed it”

Oh that was my shit a few years back.

IZZY: So that’s kinda why it went up like that. But that’s not really my favorite track.

Yesus: People really gravitate to “Lately”.

IZZY:Yea people gravitate to it really weird

Is there anything specific you think people like about it?(Lately)

Pete: It’s so positive. Everybody wants to make it and the song talks about it “I feel different lately. I feel like I’m gonna make it I feel like is coming” And people relate to that.

Leftover girl is my favorite

Yesus: A lot of people love that song. Ebro said its his favorite.

Honestly we make the best fucking sip music in the world. IZZY and Pete, when they want really want to get on their emotional shit they can kill it bro

IZZY: I fuck with leftover girl emotionally and much as I fuck with it sonically that sound is great! One any giving day I’ll make a better emo song than on some other shit.

Yesus: IZZYs the best emo rapper out right now. IZZY channels energy he doesn’t even have inside of him- laughing Some shit he saw in a movie

In the intro there’s a convo between Ebro, combat Jack, and just blaze. Where that from?

Yesus: So this was when I was living with my girl made depressed and life sucked everyday. One day I woke up and went on Twitter and out of no where Combat Jack tweeted at use “yo y’all good” Ebro and Just Blaze were in the tweet. So I was trying to figure out why these people were talking about use cause we really weren’t known at the time. So we really had no idea for like a week. I tweeted back at him but he really didn’t give me much. So I still didn’t know where it came from. But a week later after the second part of Combat Jacks interview with Ebro came out. People started tweeting at us crazy like yo listen to Combat Jack y’all got the craziest shout out. And the first episode was crazy cause that’s when combat Hack camped out at Hot 97. And they had the majors versus minors conversation. And they were talking about rappers not getting pussy and the reason most rappers can’t pop in New York is cause they’re in some super hard shit. And they do get buns. So he basically asked Ebro who he fucks with in New York and he mentioned us.

Pete: A week earlier our boy introduced us to Just Blaze at his studio Stadium Red in Harlem.

Yesus: Yea so when Ebro mentioned us Just Blaze interjected cause he had just seen our video a week before. He was like

Pete: Them niggas get pussy! Them niggas get pussy!

Yesus: He even told ill’s you had my favorite verse on there.

Illspills: I was so gassed[laughing]

IZZY: It’s Just Blaze! We grew up on Jay. The fact that he knows our name it’s lit

Yesus:  It was perfect! We got in the Combat Jack show like a week later just on the strength of that.

Do you guys use edibles at all?

Yesus- We did a weed show at sxsw this year with cypress hill.

Pete- Omg broo

Yesus- The day after I took one of the edibles they had given us at the show. And we went to the mass appeal showcase and I ended up falling asleep. I probably sleep through three sets thinking it was lit[laughing]

Pete:The dude said don’t eat two my dumbass said fuck that I’m a vet. I ended up on line for an hour trying to stay awake. I get to the door and dude and the door would not let me in. I couldn’t stay awake.

So whats your favorite strain.

Yesus: I like cookies!

Illspills: For me it’s grand daddy purp either that or silver kush

IZZY: I’ve had some really good Grandaddy Purp. But after purp its platinum.

Illspills:  Yea platinum is good but silver a straight head high.

Yesus: The best bud of all time is Dots Kush from 4H.[laughing]

IZZY: Yea Dot had the best

Pete: I like Gouda and Alaskan Thunderfuck

 Blunts or Dabs?


Illspills: I like both I could never stop smoking blunts but I could never switch over. Yea it gets me higher and is easier because I don’t have to roll and I hate rolling. But I love smoking.

Pete: Dabs are so violent. Coughing for 5 hours off one pull?

Where can we get the album


IZZY: Or come to the Bronx and tweet us

Any last words to the people

Pete: We fucking love y’all

IZZY: If y’all are at this point we love you. Light up because I’m about to right now.

Yesus: I want to say don’t get addicted to drugs. Just use them recreationally. If you see that you used it three days in a row[izzy interrupts]

IZZY: Five days in a row

Yesus: No three. After three stop!

IZZY: Six if it’s a good week[laughing]


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