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The life of a sloth has to be pretty cool. You get to hang out in the trees all day. Your daily activities consist of eating and sleeping. No work, no bills, no major life decisions. Unfortunately most of us don’t live this grand(most of us).  Luckily our friends over at Sloth Bars have found a way to give us a taste of the sloth life with their potent after dinner edible. I meant up Chrissa of Sloth Bars at a local coffee shop to talk about the company.

So how did you get into the edibles game.

Prior to starting Sloth Bars I was a hairstylist and bartender. I moved here from Nebraska about 2 1/2 years ago. After a year of knowing Ross we decided to take his knowledge and experience in the cannabis world and we stared the company. Ross has worked up in the bay at Elemental and Harborside as a garden producer and bud tender. Kees our distribution rep, managed three vape stores in Florida before moving to Cali last fall to be a part of the team.

Did you have a background in cooking before Sloth Bars?

I had no previous experience with cooking or baking but my mom is an award winning baker. I use her recipes to make the bars and she’s been a big inspiration in creating the flavors we make. We have our original bar that I describe as being a decadent dessert bar. Thick buttery crust, toffee, pecans and chocolate. We also recently launched our 100mg lemon bar that has been very well received by our customers. We are a very new company but we are looking to expand our flavors and potencies.

Sloths are like the stoners of the forest. Always relaxed. Eating. Not really in a rush to move. Do Sloth Bars give you that effect?

Sloth Bars are definitely meant as a nighttime indulgence. We launched the lemon bar gearing towards a daytime bar by keeping the potency and calories low while also keeping the bars taste light.

Sloth Bars-7

Why did you go with the solvent free oils? Why not use canna-butter like most edible companies?

We use solvent-free oil and pride ourselves on being the original solvent-Free cannabis confection. We chose to use this because the oil is fully activated and able to absorb into your body. It is a very consistent way of being able to dose each bar so every time you eat a sloth bar you will feel the same. It has been tested at over 90% THC and has no cannabis flavor.

Do you produce your oil in house?

We use Sugar Pharm Gardens to source our starting material. Then the product is refined by The Clear Concentrate in a lab.

You’ve added a new bar?

Our newest bar is a 420mg version of our original bar and will launch on 4/20.

Do you get demands for higher doses?

Yes! We’ve been receiving request for the higher dosage bars by the consumers and dispensaries alike.

Legal cannabis is Americas fastest growing economy with numbers projected around 17 billion for 2016. How does a company like Sloth Bars fit into such a large scale economy?

Our products are expanding across the state and can be found as far south as Sam Diego and up north in Sacramento and San Francisco. Los Angeles is our home base and that’s where we are continuing to thrive.

Where can we find Sloth Bars?

You can find all of the locations where sloth bars are available in by going to our website It’s updated every time we make new drops.

Who’s dad makes all the cool Instagram graphics?

Our graphic designer he is Ross and Kee’s father. He has helped design everything from our packaging and stickers to our Instagram.

Any words for the people?

Thank you for the continued support, the positive feedback and all the love we have received from the cannabis industry.

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