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Interview: After the Clubs it’s the BBQ!

There’s nothing better then stumbling out of a club after partying all night and finding some great food. I’m not talking about that last slice of pizza that’s been sitting under a heat lamp. I’m talking about food you wouldn’t mind eating during daylight hours. The type a meal you wouldn’t be ashamed to bring home to mom. Yea I’m still talking food not the person you made out with in back booth after five tequila shots. Well let me tell you: Wholly Smoke BBQ has THAT meal your looking for. From their smoke brisket to their BBQ ribs, anything you order from these guys is a win. Even their side dishes are worth the trip alone.

I first got taste of Wholly Smoke when I was coming out one of Fort Lauderdale’s late night spots. The smell of fresh BBQ from their stand immediately got my attention. That night I ordered the brisket with a side of baked beans and Mac n cheese. After those first bits it was that what the moment I knew I had a new go to BBQ spot. During that trip I also had a chance to meet Wholly Smoke’s owner, Jerry. Since then I’ve visited the BBQ stand a few more times and each time is better than the last. I linked with Jerry to talk BBQ and the origins of Wholly Smoke.

Florida isn’t known for its BBQ, how did you get into making BBQ

That is true Florida isn’t known for its bbq, that’s exactly why I seen the opportunity to get into this industry. Now, it took about 100 briskets to get it right! 

How old were you when you started cooking

I start cooking 8 years old. It’s actually a part of my Haitian culture. As an Haitian-American I have infused my Haitian culture into the bbq. The brisket is seasoned a little longer, the collard have more flavor than most dishes, and macaroni has more crunch to it.

What do you enjoy more? Cooking at festivals and outdoor markets during the day? Or the late night after club crowd? And why?

Although I do really well at farmers market and festival; recently, I have gravitated more towards the night-club. I’m in South Florida why not? It’s really hard to find tasty food at night, and Barbecue.

What style of BBQ sauce do you prefer to use. Vinegar, ketchup or mustard based?

I prefer to use mustard based.

I spoke to a bunch of your customers and they all talked about how much they love your food. Was your truck a hit from the start or did it take a while for people to catch on?

It was a hit from the start to be honest. Has the quality got a lot better? Yes, we can only get better. 

If I were visiting “Wholly Smoke” for the first time what 2 dishes would you say are a must have?

We are known for tender, juicy brisket and the creamy macaroni and cheese. 

Do you plan on opening a restaurant one day?

Yes for sure. More soon then later.

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