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INTERVIEW: “Dinner Is Dope” Pop Up

The world of edibles has come a long way from your friend’s experimental brownies. You know the ones that either got you too high or sick. With medical marijuana legalization happening all over the country, cannabis connoisseurs can now experience edible consumption through multi-course dinners that would rival any high end restaurant. Chef For Higher is a catering company created by Mike & Steph that throw themed dinner parties with gourmet food that has been infused with cannabis.  I headed to a secret location in Brooklyn to check out Chef For Higher’s latest event “Breakfast 4 Dinner” and get the low down on 420 dinner parties.

Bloody Maria

Bloody Maria


How did you guys get into doing these events?

Mike: We wanted to do cannabis infused edibles company so that’s how Chef For Higher was born. We started by making candies and baked goods like most people but while doing it realized you can infuse pretty much any dish with a little creativity. As we got better, and more confident in our process, we created the Dinner is Dope events as a way to introduce our brand, product line and perspective on cannabis infused products.

How important is dosage when doing a dinner?

Steph: Very… You don’t want someone over dosing on a product.

Mike: One thing we want to note is that a lot of people, us included, have had a “bad” experience with eating cannabis. We want to show you through this dining experience that you can ingest more than you think and you will be fine. Dosage is very important to us, our motto is: Responsible Consumption Through Proper Dosing. For us that means knowing how much THC is in each dish, how many courses we serve and the period of time in which each dinner takes. All of these things combined provide an enjoyable experience, we like to call it our “Stairway to Heaven.”

What type of experience can guest expect?

Mike: Like we said before, a “Stairway to Heaven.” It’s hard to explain in words but Cannabis and Food are the two most communal things we know and combining them in a setting like this is an eye opener, it’s a more sophisticated approach that can be recreational or medicinal. Hopefully it’s a big learning experience for those that attend, we hope that they walk away more knowledgeable on cannabis and inspired to share with their friends.

Baked Eggs_small

Get You Baked Eggs

What do you think people like the most about taking cannabis in this type of setting?

Mike: Most people think of cookies, brownies, candies, etc when it comes to cannabis infused products, seeing that you can make Korean Style Fried Chicken or Scallop with Miso Butter is unexpected. Second, everyone is on the same level, eating the same foods and dosages which really lets our guests relax a bit. It’s also the people who attend, a lot of our guests create new friendships and next thing you know they’re hanging out.

Steph: I think most people think their going to get Half Baked fucked up but in reality it’s more of and elevated experience.


How long does it take for the cannabis to kick in after the first course?

Mike: We start each dinner with a toast to introduce ourselves and explain what to expect from the evening. I can’t give all of the details, you’ll have to attend, but we have a “gateway drug” that helps the THC get into your system faster, I would say you’ll get your first sensation about 15-20 minutes after the toast.


You make other products? I think I saw some goldfish and salted caramel?

Mike: Yes, we have a bunch of products we’ve been testing, right now it’s Hawaii’s Habanero Honey, Steph’s Salted Mels, OHHana Granola, Sour Gummies and Assorted Hard Candies

BHash Browns or SMac N Cheese balls?

Mike: That’s tough but I think we have to go with the Smac ‘N’ Cheese Balls. I mean the crispy panko crust with that oh so gooey, smokey, cheesy center, not sure what’s better than that!

Chef For Higher-3

Fried Bhash Browns

What’s next?

Mike: We’re developing the Chef For Higher product line that we’ll be launching in Oregon this year and other states to follow. I’m sure you’ll see us in media and may even start publishing some thangs. We’re also celebrating our one year anniversary of Dinner is Dope so there will be a special event this month, look out for that.

Steph: And “Dinner Is Dope” Tours

Chef For Higher-18

Goldfish Crackers


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