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Opening Day At Citifield was a Winner

The sky’s were clear. The temperature was perfect. And I just scored some last minute tickets to the Mets home opener at Citifield. Spring has arrived! My next move was to find the Sweet Chick stand cause let’s face it these days waiting in line for peanuts and hot dogs is only something you do when you’re trying to relive that first time your Grandpa took you to a baseball game. If I’m going to spend an entire inning waiting for some food it better be worth it. And of course is was! No stranger to the Sweet Chick menu I went with the OG Sandwich, loaded fries and their new waffle ice cream sandwich. Of course I got a few rounds of beer and a gin fizz from the cocktail stand as well. God I love baseball season. Oh yea and the Mets won!!!

Sweet Chick’s Loaded Fries
OG Chicken Sandwich and Ice cream sandwich
Views from section 122
Chicken and waffles syrup pour.
No place like home
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