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PHOTOS: “Breaking Bad” Los Pollos Hermanos Pop Up

Breaking Bad’ fans headed to 234 Pearl st. in the Financial District to check out the Los Pollos Hermanos pop up a promotion for the season 3 premiere of ‘Better Call Saul’. If your familiar with Breaking Bad the fictional restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos was owned by restauranteur and mob boss Gus Fringes who used the fried chicken chain as a front for his crystal meth distribution ring.  In the end Gus turned out to be one of my favorite tv villians ever so it was pretty dope to experience the restaurant in real life. The only thing missing was Los Pollos Hermanos chicken. Fans seemed tiny bit bummed out(me) about the fact they didn’t offer a wider selection of treats. But we did get to munch on curly fries served with a choice of three special dipping sauces. Overall I’d say the pop up was a success and great promo for tonights premiere.

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