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INTERVIEW: Whale Watching with Cleaning Healing

After getting lost and ending up at the wrong beach(like a true New Yorker), I finally caught up with Graham and Tatum the brother sister duo behind the THC infused Clean Healing Pizza Sauce. Before we could find a good location to shoot we saw a large crowd forming by the shore. Looking like a scene from Baywatch my first thought was somebody may have drowned. But it turned out to be a baby humpback whale playing along the shore line while it’s mother hunted in deeper waters. Or a least that’s what the ranger dude said. Either way its was a once in a life time start to a great conversation.

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How did the company get started?

Clean Healing was started with the idea of offering a product that was actually healthy. Since 90% of the edibles in the cannabis market are sugar based, it makes it difficult to find healthy alternatives. We wanted to offer a product so people with dietary needs could enjoy a healthy edible.

 How long has Cleaning Healing been in business?

Since May 2015

Where did you get the recipe for your sauce? Is this one of grandma’s recipes?

The creation of our award winning sauce was created by my sister/business partner, Tatum. Even though she is not professionally trained as a chef, she knows her way around a kitchen. Our recipe was created from our mother’s Italian sauce recipe and then we doctored it up.

What strains of cannabis do you use?

We partnered the The Clear™ concentrates to consistently create high quality edibles with “The Raw” . The Clear™ uses a comprehensive multi-step method of cannabis purification that includes winterizing and decarboxylation. Winterizing removes unwanted and unhealthy plant fats, subsequently providing an unmatched level of clarity, while decarboxylation activates the THC.

Do you get the munchies after eating your sauce? I’ve heard strains high in CBD’s don’t give you the munchies. Did you guys consider using strains like that for you sauces?

The THC compound is known for helping people generate an appetite. Getting the munchies is usually noticed after inhaling THC. People still can get the munchies eating edibles; it’s just a delayed reaction. CBD produces amazing benefits for patients. CBD specifically is not known for increased appetite a.k.a The Munchies.

Cannabis economy is projected to hit $44 billion in 2016. Where do you see Clean Healing fitting in such a large market?

The cannabis market is ever growing. As for now, we are fully committed to serving the medical marijuana patients of southern California. We are quickly expanding into northern cal region. In the near future, we look to venture into other cannabis marketplaces.

How has the ever changing law landscape effected your company?

In California, 2016 started with new marijuana regulations. We had to redesign our labels to reflect the new warnings required by law.

You made High Times best edibles list for 2015 how cool was that?

Making High Times edible list of 2015 was amazing. In the marijuana industry, High Times has been the staple for decades. Recognition from them is very humbling.

What yours favorite pizza toppings?

Some of my favorite pizza toppings are bacon and meatball.

Deep dish or thin crust?

Thin Crust

I’m from New York City and we’re pretty selective about our pizza. Have you ever had New York style pizza and if so how do you think your sauce would hold up in NYC?

For five years, I had the privilege of living in Rockland County New York. NYC has many great pizzerias, but I would feel confident putting my sauce up against anyone else’s. I believe true New Yorkers would love my sauce, medicated or not.

If cannabis became legal for recreational use in California would you consider opening a pizzeria? The line would probably be out the door.

When California goes recreational, we want to offer a medicated pizza shop. We are in talks with people to make that a reality.

What about a frozen pizza you guys could be the Digiorno of the edibles industry.

We have thought about offering frozen pizzas in the future.

What other dishes can you use the sauce for?

Many people on instagram have informed us they have used our sauce for many other things besides pizza. Everything from dipping sauce for breadsticks, pasta, lasagna, meatball subs, and even chicken parmesan.

Are you working on any new sauces will we see a Clean Healing BBQ sauce in the future

As 2016 continues on, we will be introducing a few new products to the market. We can’t wait to unveil them in coming months.

Ok so how awesome was it seeing a baby whale come so close to shore during our shoot? I still can’t believe that happen.

The baby whale was awesome. I have never seen a freed whale so up close.

Any final words?

We are excited and humbled by the recognition we have received so far in 2016. Our goal is to continue to provide the highest quality products for our patients. We look forward to the future and what it will bring.



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