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INTERVIEW: A Talk with Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles


Roscoe’s is one of those places that’s in every tourist guide of LA but still keeps the house packed with locals. I caught up with one  of the owner during my last visit and to ask him few questions.


The origins of the chicken and waffle combination are very distorted. It is said to have been made popular in the 1930’s during Harlem Renaissance. How did Roscoe’s chicken and waffles get to LA?

The founder, Herb Hudson, is a native of Harlem and he brought his version of chicken and waffles to LA.

On your website you mentioned celebrities like Redd Foxx and Natalie Cole helped spread the word about Roscoe’s in its early days. Now everybody from Kendrick Lamar to President Obama continue the tradition. Is this something Roscoe’s planned or does it just happen naturally?

It happened naturally.  They just came.  We treat them with respect.  Celebrities feel comfortable.  We call all of our customers “family members.”  We treat everybody with respect.

It seems like every time you look up another celebrity chef has a new spin on the chicken and waffles. How has Roscoe’s continued to keep it’s restaurants full with all the new competition popping up?

The name Roscoe’s rings a bell.  The atmosphere – it’s like coming home.  The food is good.  We have our own recipe for waffles and the chicken.  And, everybody else is trying to copy.

I usually get the Scoe’s 1 or 2. What’s your favorite dish?

Anything on the menu is good.  Its good for you!

There where talks of Snoop becoming an owner of  the Roscoe’s chain. Will we see Snoop joining the Roscoe’s team anytime soon?

Snoop Dog will not be joining Roscoe’s. He’s a good friend.

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