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PHOTOS: Meyhem in Willamsburg

F*ck That’s Delicious’s own Meyhem Lauren tore it down at the Knitting Factory at his release party for Piatto D’ Oro.  Along side Heems and new comer Dominique!!

Meyhem in Williamsburg Meyhem in Williamsburg-2 Meyhem in Williamsburg-3 Meyhem in Williamsburg-12 Meyhem in Williamsburg-6 Meyhem in Williamsburg-11 Meyhem in Williamsburg-9 Meyhem in Williamsburg-13 Meyhem in Williamsburg-15 Meyhem in Williamsburg-16 Meyhem in Williamsburg-17 Meyhem in Williamsburg-18 Meyhem in Williamsburg-27 Meyhem in Williamsburg-25 Meyhem in Williamsburg-22 Meyhem in Williamsburg-23 Meyhem in Williamsburg-24 Meyhem in Williamsburg-20 Meyhem in Williamsburg-28

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