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Bringing Mexico City to “The Bay”

When asking my native Bay Area friends what food trucks I should check out while in town the Al Pastor Papi name came up quite a few times. Known for djing at his hot pink food truck while a perfectly stacked al pastor spins on the trumpo. Chef Miguel Escobedo aka Al Pastor Papi has mastered the art of one of Mexico’s City’s most famous dishes the al pastor taco. No stranger to the SF food scene. Miguel has be serving up Mexican cuisine in the Bay Area for over twenty years. He even beat the renowned Bobby Flay in a burrito “Throwdown” a few years back so yeah this guys the real deal.

I caught up with the Al Pastor Papi truck at Spark Social a food truck park located in the Mission Bay Area of SF. It was late in the evening and I was ready to dig into the entire menu. I let Miguel know I was stopping by ahead of time so I could get some photos of the crew at work. Once I wrapped up my shoot it was time to eat. First up I went with the “Mexico City Style” taco. This was the traditional taco with al pastor, cilantro and onions on corn tortillas. Next was my personal favorite the “Gringa Taco”. Jack cheese fried on a flour tortilla until crispy then topped with carne asada cilantro and onions. And for the finale I went with the “Crispy Taco” filled with seasoned shrimp and topped with coleslaw and cotija cheese. Man! I tried to eat it all but after that Gringa I was stuffed.

Now that I’ve gotten a taste for these tacos I’m going to find a way to work them into every trip I take to San Francisco. But enough with the talking cause I could go on and on about these all day. Let me show you what you came to see.

Behind the scenes at Al Pastor Papi

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